How To Balance Your Root Chakra

Balancing Your Root Chakra

We’ve all had that feeling of being out of it. We feel spacey and we can’t focus and that can cause us to be fearful or anxious. That’s how it feels when our root chakra is out of balance. Physical imbalances may show up as problems with the bladder, with elimination, or with our lower back. When our root chakra is in balance, we will feel grounded and have a sense of stability and security. Having the root chakra balanced creates the foundation we need for opening up all the other 6 chakras.

The root chakra, which is located at the base of your spine, is all about anything that grounds youand gives you stability in your life like food, water and shelter. It also helps with emotional needs such as letting go of fear. When these needs are met, you feel grounded and safe, and you tend to worry less.

Connection to universal energy, Mother Nature, God or Spirit will bring you a sense of peace and stability.

We can support our root chakra by eating grounding foods like carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, radishes, parsnips, onions, garlic and other veggies that grow underground. Since the root chakra vibrates at the color red, you can also eat red foods like strawberries, apples, cherries, pomegranates and tomatoes.

Another fun way to balance the root chakra is to use colors and gems. Gemstones for the first or root chakra include garnet, red jasper, black tourmaline, and bloodstone. Try placing a gemstone on the area of the root chakra while lying down to help open and balance it. Wear the color red one day when you’re feeling like your root chakra is out of balance and see if helps you to feel grounded!